The Thomas Neighborhood

Studio City, CA Apartment Amenities




Shopping in Studio City, CA

  • Westfield Fashion Square
  • Universal CityWalk
  • Studio City Plaza
  • Von's
  • Trader Joe's
  • Downtown LA




Stuff to Do in Studio City, CA

  • Universal Studios
  • Franklin Canyon Park
  • Weddington Golf & Tennis
  • Los Angeles Zoo
  • Regal North Hollywood
  • Pinz Bowling Center




Restaurants in Studio City, CA

  • SushiStop
  • The Counter
  • Jalapeno Pete's
  • Alfred Coffee
  • Sushi Katsu-Ya
  • Mendocino Farms

An Easier Commute

As a member of The Thomas community, you'll discover a wealth of exciting opportunities just steps from your home. Beyond the common recreational spots, Studio City offers hiking trails and parks for nature enthusiasts. There are seasonal street fairs and farmers' markets, fostering a strong community spirit. There’s also a vibrant arts community, hosting various local galleries and live music venues that are often overlooked.

Spend your weekends embarking on adventures at Universal CityWalk or the Los Angeles Zoo, discover the beauty of Laurel Canyon on your way to West Hollywood, or dive into the endless treasures waiting to be explored within the lively city of Los Angeles, CA.

Arrange a tour of The Thomas today and prepare to be enchanted by the incredible community we offer! Choose one of our 1 or 2-bedroom apartments in Studio City, CA, and experience exceptional living.

What Makes Our Location Unique

  • Did you know that Studio City, though modern in its amenities, holds a rich historical background? Its name derives from the establishment of the famous CBS Studio Center in the 1920s, making it a significant landmark in the evolution of the entertainment industry. This historical essence adds a unique charm to the neighborhood, blending contemporary living with a touch of old Hollywood glamour.

  • Studio City is not just about urban living; it's a haven for nature lovers too. The nearby Fryman Canyon Park offers residents an escape into nature with its extensive hiking trails, providing both a serene environment and panoramic views of the San Fernando Valley. This juxtaposition of urban and natural spaces caters to a diverse range of lifestyles, from the outdoor enthusiast to the city dweller.

  • The gastronomic scene in Studio City is a well-kept secret, boasting a variety of eateries that range from quaint cafes to high-end restaurants. Among these, several spots have gained acclaim for their unique culinary experiences, offering tastes from around the world. This makes Studio City an ideal place for foodies who enjoy exploring diverse cuisines right at their doorstep.

  • For families considering Studio City, the area is known for its highly-rated schools. From public to private institutions, parents have access to educational facilities that are renowned for their academic excellence. This aspect of Studio City makes it an attractive location for families prioritizing quality education for their children.

  • Studio City thrives with community spirit, evident in its frequent cultural and social events. From farmer's markets to street fairs, these events foster a sense of community, offering residents a chance to engage with their neighbors and partake in local traditions. This vibrant community life adds another layer to the appeal of living in Studio City.
Choosing The Thomas in Studio City, CA, for your next home means embracing a lifestyle filled with convenience, community, and comfort. Our prime location offers unparalleled access to a variety of shopping, dining, and recreational activities, all within a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood. With the ease of commuting and a plethora of amenities at your doorstep, The Thomas stands out as a top choice for families and individuals seeking a balanced and fulfilling living experience in the heart of Studio City

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Neighborhood FAQs

The Thomas Apartments in Studio City, CA, offer convenient access to a variety of shopping destinations. Nearby options include Westfield Fashion Square, Universal CityWalk, Studio City Plaza, Von's, Trader Joe's, and the bustling Downtown LA area.
Residents at The Thomas Apartments can enjoy a range of recreational activities nearby. This includes Universal Studios, Franklin Canyon Park, Weddington Golf & Tennis, Los Angeles Zoo, Regal North Hollywood, and Pinz Bowling Center. 
The Thomas Apartments are strategically located for an easier commute in Los Angeles. The community's proximity to major attractions like Universal CityWalk and the Los Angeles Zoo, along with easy access to the city’s vibrant areas, makes commuting convenient and enjoyable.
Living at The Thomas Apartments in Studio City, CA, opens up numerous opportunities for weekend leisure. Residents can explore local attractions such as Universal CityWalk, the Los Angeles Zoo, and the diverse offerings of Los Angeles, all located just steps from their home
Its prime location with access to shopping, dining, and recreation, along with a strong community vibe, sets it apart.
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